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Job Opportunities

Korowai Aroha is a kaupapa Maori centre which operates according an indigenous Maori World View. If you wish to work within indigenous communities and truly want to make a difference in the world, please consider joining the Korowai Aroha whanau.

The Rotorua area and surrounding area is exquisite. There is world-acclaimed mountain bike riding, action and adventure at ever steep.  The food is incredible and the people kind and engaging.

Korowai Aroha is involved in some major changes to Maori health in Rotorua.

Our primary goal is to the people who seek support from us for their healthcare. Maori Health is sometimes thought of as a challenging area to work in. Yet we recognise the privilege that people choose to share their health decisions and experiences with us.

Mindful of the rich heritage left to us by the founders of Korowai Aroha, responsibility for the future based on prudence and quality of service is the commitment we have made to Maori health development.

Korowai Aroha must prosper but the patients and whanau we care for are paramount when we make decisions. We look to a future of generational well-being and prosperity.

We are as much a part of this country as the landscape, as the mountains, lakes and rivers.

Our people will always be here in Aotearoa, our focus will always be here.

Iwi Maori are intergenerational thinkers and with that comes enormous advantages and benefits not just for our whanau but for the community”

Our Health Centre is more then a simple place of employment.  Our staff are stimulated in their work and study, they feel energetic, believe they are important and have a contribution to make.

The following details our Current Job Listings, relevant job descriptions are key contact person.

Job Opportunities

NZ Registered General Practioner

Korowai Aroha Health Centre in Rotorua is seeking a NZ registered General Practitioner for its busy, well equipped, kaupapa Maori practice. The position is up to 4-5 days per week in a salaried position within a team of four other GP’s and five practice nurses.  We also have a range of community based services that support whanau and complement our GP service.

Our Vision – Toi Ora Whanau – Intergenerational Wellbeing
Our Mission – Whakapumau i te Ora – Empowering people to lead healthy and fulfilled lives

For more information and/or a copy of the job description, please contact:

  • Ms Hiria Noa, Administration Support
  • Phone 64 (7) 348 8454 extension 205
  • Email