Medical Clinic

Appointments with Doctors and Nurses

Medical Clinic

Our Medical Clinics are available to whanau who need to see a Doctor or Nurse. We provide a whanau-friendly service and are here to support you.

We can provide a range of servcies, from general consultations (checking your illness and symptoms), to providing phone prescriptions. We can also provide Immigration Checks for adults and children.

Our nurses can also provide additional support.

Please see below for our basic costs.




GP Consultants

  • Adults (18yrs+) $15.00
  • Youth (6yrs-17yrs) $7.00
  • Child (0yrs-5yrs) FREE
  • ACC:  Adult $15.00
    • ACC: Youth (6yrs-17yrs) $7.00
    • ACC: Child (0yrs-17yrs) FREE
  • Phone Prescription $10.00
    • (Out of town postage) $ at cost



  • Driver’s Medical $35.00
  • Rest/Home Visit $65.00
  • Minor Surgery* $50.00
  • IUCD $50.00
  • Immigration: Adult $300.00
  • Immigration: Child $150.00

 Nurse Consultants

  • Cervical Smears FREE
  • Blood Pressure FREE
  • Child Immunisations FREE
  • Test Results FREE
  • Nurse $7.00
  • Nebuliser (plus consult fee) $10.00
  • Ear Syringe (plus consult fee) $15.00
  • Flu Vaccination* $25.00
*Conditions Apply
WHANAU – PLEASE BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TO BE SEEN – 07 348 8454 – Payment is expected on the day of the consultation.  Non payment and putting the charge onto an account will NOW incur a $5 account fee, this will be reversed if paid within 48 hours.

Nurses Clinics

While Korowai Aroha offers GP clinics, we also offer Nurses Clinics to support our whanau. This includes work as part of the GP clinic, vaccinations, cervical and STI screening, wound dressings and health promotion.

Often patients will make appointments to see a practice nurse instead of the GP/doctor.

How we can help

  • Vaccinations
  • Cervical screening
  • STI screening
  • Wound dressings