Whanau Based Support Services

Whanau Support Services

Whanau Support Services

Access to these services is by referral from the NASC Agency. Hours of service available to clients are from Monday to Sunday 8am-5pm. In special circumstrances other times can be arranged with the Manager.

We can also assist by developing an individual service plan which sets goals and helps to achieve outcomes which are focused on your abilities to remain active within your community.

How we can help

We provide the following services to whanau who have physical, intellectual or severe disabilities:

Household Management

  • Tasks normally performed in and around the home
  • Shopping
  • GP Visits
  • Assistance with meal preparation and cooking

Personal Care

  • A range of personal care services which meets your physical needs including bathing and dressing (this does not include nursing care)
  • Registered nursing services
  • Sleep over care

How to get Support

An assessmet process is required and is based on how you would like to enhance your quality of life.

Your GP can make a referral for services and this will be sent to the following address: Needs Assessment Services Organisation, Kupenga Hau i te Ora, Support Net, PO Box 1858, Rotorua