Rheumatic Fever

Sore throats matter, get them checked!

Rheumatic Fever School Throat Swabbing

Rheumatic Fever is a serious disease.

It starts from a ‘sore throat’.

You will feel miserable and tired. It hurts to swallow or drink. It could lead to fever, pain in your joints. You may feel you have no energy.

Untreated, a sore throat could progress to permanent heart damage.

The Rheumatic Fever service is provided to improve the health of whanau in the Te Arawa rohe by providing support, education and assistance.

How we can help

  • Sore throat education
  • Sore throat swabbing
  • Follow up of results and treatment with antibiotics
  • Ongoing education and advice to children and their whanau about how to prevent Rheumatic Fever.